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 Kannauj Attar is fast emerging and one of the most trusted Direct to Consumer brand specialized in traditional distillation of natural fragrances, essential oils and herbal ingredients from plant parts and flowers using traditional attar making process. We’re globally recognized among the first attar maker in India. Kannauj Attar.com is renowned and India’s first natural attars manufacturer & essential oil company. Even today, we’ve preserved our heritage of making attars using traditional hydro-distillation method. At the time when market is flooded with synthetic perfumes and low quality attars, some distillers in Kannauj still stand by authenticity of true attars and are striving to make these beautiful attars accessible globally. Being recognized as top perfumer exporter business, Kannauj Attar has earned the reputation of most trusted and respect supplier of natural attars, perfume oils and wild-harvested essential oils.

The practice of extracting natural perfume oils or attars from flowers, herbs and spices in India is more than 5000 years old. A lot have changed today (Almost everything), but you can still witness traditional attar making in Kannauj, the perfume capital of India. Additionally, since natural attars are pure and chemical free and they are derived from botanical sources, attar also have healing properties. So, start exploring our range of natural attar perfumes that additionally offer you a healing touch.

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Manufacturer,Supplier,Whole Saler

2021 Since

Year of Establishment Of Company

employee No.

10-25 employees have company

Annual Turnover

25-50 Lakh

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